CISCE Result 2023: Marks Can Be Increase by This Update

CISCE Result 2023: Marks Can Be Increase by This Update if you are not satisfied. You know that The ISC examinations took place from 13 February 2023 to 31 March 2023, while the ICSE exams took place from 27 February 2023 to 29 March 2023 successfully conducted at various CISCE school as examination center. How can some one increase your marks. If you are also thinking the same then this article is for you.

CISCE Result 2023: Marks Can Be Increase Potentially by This Update

CISCE Result 2023: as per council latest guideline released for 2023 examination, candidate can increase his / her marks if he / she not satisfied by copy checking process . There are two update regarding the topic. let us start the both topic one by one and follow any one which is more suitable for you. Click here to check Passing Mark criteria in 2023.

Two Important Update Regarding Marks

New Delhi, As per circular released on Dec,1 2022 the council declare following point regarding marks.  This update is very important for those candidate who are wishing to increase  the final marks. Read the following point care fully.

Applications for Recheck of Answer Scripts

Applications for recheck of answer scripts must be submitted online and must be received by the CISCE’s office not later than SEVEN days from the day of declaration of the ICSE Year 2023 Examination results.

Supplementary Pass Certificate

Candidates who are awarded Pass Certificates at the ICSE/ISC Examination, may appear for a Supplementary Pass Certificate in one or more subjects in the ICSE Year 2024 Examination. Such candidates must choose only those subjects, which they had offered in the previous ICSE Examination.

 Re-appear for the ICSE Examination

Entries of candidates wishing to re-appear for the ICSE Examination in the Year 2024 can be submitted ONLINE during the month of August and September 2023 through the Heads of Schools concerned

If  Fail to Secure Pass Certificates

Candidates who are entered as regular candidates for the ICSE/ISC Year 2023 Examination and who fail to secure Pass Certificates will be permitted to reappear for the ICSE Examination in the Year 2024, but not thereafter, without further attendance, at an affiliated and registered School.

Candidates who fail to secure Pass Certificate (Pass Certificate Not Awarded) will be permitted to appear for the Compartmental Examination in any ONE subject in which they have not secured the Pass Marks. However, the candidate should have secured the Pass Marks in English (Compulsory) and three other subjects in the ICSE Year 2023 Examination to be eligible to appear for the Compartmental Examination. The entries of all such candidates will be submitted online to the CISCE by the Head of the school concerned.

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