Death of a Naturalist Fill in the Blanks ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solutions

Death of a Naturalist Fill in the Blanks ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solutions Ch-4 . Important fill in the Blanks of Death of Naturalist  composed by Seamus Heaney. This article would be helpful if you are going to appear in council exam. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 English.

Death of a Naturalist Fill in the Blanks ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solution

Death of a Naturalist Fill in the Blanks ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solutions

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 11
Book Name  Rhapsody (A collection of ISC Poem )
Chapter-4 Death of a Naturalist – Seamus Heaney.
Topics Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks

Ch-4 Death of a Naturalist — Seamus Heaney. ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solutions Ch-4

Question : (i) Flax is placed in the flax-dam because _____________

Answer: For rotten the skin of plant as fiber

Question : ((ii) Flax in the flax-dam rotted because of _____________

Answer: Favourable environment is the moist and warm conditions, for decomposition.

Question : ((iii) The speaker would fill jars of frogspawn and carry home and to school because _____________

Answer: Speaker was attracted by the life cycle of frogs to observe the modification of frogspawn into tadpoles.

Question : ((iv) The flax used to be placed in the flax-dam in summer because _____________

Answer:  the summer season helps in the rotting process of the flax plant as the heat and moisture occurs.

Question : ((v) The weather can be told by looking at the frogs because _____________

Answer: It change the colour as season changed It is yellow in summer and brown in monsoon.

Question : (vii) The boy dodged the frogs because _____________

Answer: he was frightened by their aggressive nature of appearance.

Question : (viii) The boy ran away from the scene as depicted in Stanza 2 because _____________

Answer: he was terrified and disgusted by the grown-up, aggressive frogs.

Question : (ix) The boy seems to have lost his innocence and fascination for nature because _____________

Answer: he was confronted with the harsh and less appealing side of nature – the reality of survival and competition among creatures.

Question : (x) The frogs seem to the boy to threaten him for _____________

Answer: he interprets their aggressive posturing and sounds as directed towards him, possibly a result of his immature understanding of nature and animals.

Extra Questions on Fill in the Blanks

Death of a Naturalist ISC Rhapsody Workbook Solutions Ch-4

Question : 1. Miss Walls told the speaker how the __________ frog laid hundreds of little eggs.

Answer: mammy

Question : 2. According to the speaker, the flax in the flax-dam had __________.

Answer: rotted

Question : 3. The speaker describes the flax-dam as sweltering in the __________ sun.

Answer: punishing

Question : 4. The speaker recalls how every spring, he would fill __________ of the frogspawn.

Answer: jampotfuls

Question : 5. The speaker mentions that he would wait and watch until the frogspawn burst into __________.

Answer: nimble swimming tadpoles

Question : 6. Miss Walls told the speaker that the daddy frog was called a __________.

Answer: bullfrog

Question : 7. The speaker notes that frogs were yellow in the __________ and brown in the rain.

Answer: sun

Question : 8. The angry frogs invaded the flax-dam on a hot day when the fields were rank with __________.

Answer: cow dung

Question : 9. Upon the invasion of the frogs, the air became thick with a __________ chorus.

Answer: bass

Question : 10. The speaker describes the mature frogs as being poised like __________.

Answer: mud grenades

Question : 11. The speaker ran away from the flax-dam upon encountering the __________.

Answer: great slime kings

Question : 12. The speaker believed that if he dipped his hand into the frogspawn, it would __________.

Answer: clutch it

Question : 13. The speaker described the frogspawn as growing like __________ water.

Answer: clotted

Question : 14. The mature frogs’ loose necks pulsed like __________.

Answer: sails

Question : 15. In the poem, the speaker mentions that the flax-dam is located in the heart of the __________.

Answer: townland

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