Geography Specimen 2024: Que-6 of Part-2 ICSE Sample Paper Solved

Geography Specimen 2024: Que-6 of Part-2 ICSE Sample Paper Solved. All Question with Answers of by Expert Teachers. Students of Class X who are preparing for Board Exam 2024 can solved here Geography Sample Paper. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10

Geography Specimen 2024 Que-6 of Part 2 ICSE Sample Paper Solved

Geography Specimen 2024: Que-6 of Part-2 ICSE Sample Paper Solved

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)
Subject Social
Topic  Specimen Paper Solved
Paper Geography
Session 2023-24
Question Type Part 2 (Que-6)
Max mark 50 of part 2

Geography Specimen 2024: Que-6 of Part-2

 ICSE Sample Question Paper Solved

Question 6

(i) Mahesh went for an excursion with his friend and came across a marshy area with the trees that had stilt like roots.

(a) Which natural vegetation belt did he come across?

Ans– literal or swampy forest

(b) Name one area in India where this kind of vegetation is found.

Ans– Sundarban


(a) Why is tropical deciduous forest commercially the most important forest belt of India?

Ans:  Monsoon deciduous forests are commercially more valuable than the other types of forests because they are less dense and hence can be easily felled. These forests provide valuable timber which is commercially very important

(b) Why are long and deep roots a typical characteristic of desert vegetation?

Ans:  The desert plants have deep roots. The long and deep root helps them to find water in the soil. Desertification has reduced the amount of water available. As a result, these plants meet their needs, and their roots reach deep into the ground to store water.

(iii) Why is forest conservation the need of the hour? (Three points)

The forest absorbs the carbon dioxide emitted by animals and provides oxygen to the environment. Forests are areas of land where various species of trees, plants, shrubs, and herbs grow. The forest serves as a natural habitat for many animal species. It helps to balance the impact of carbon emissions


(a) Name a forest conservation method that involves the local community.

Ans:– Joint Forest Management

(b) Which primitive system of agriculture had led to large scale destruction of forest in the past?

Ans:  Nevertheless, shifting cultivation systems are particularly susceptible to rapid increases in population and to economic and social change in the larger world around them. The blame for the destruction of forest resources is often laid on shifting cultivators.

(c) Name the process which involves planting two saplings for each tree that is felled.

Ans- Reforestation

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