ISC Chemistry 2023 Exam: Do Not Ignore These Otherwise …

ISC Chemistry 2023 Exam: Do Not Ignore These Otherwise It may be loss in marking. Class 12 ISC Board Exams 2023 commenced on February 13, 2023.

ISC Chemistry 2023 Exam Do Not Ignore These Otherwise …

After the English and Maths papers, students are preparing to appear in the next major exam, ISC Class 12 Chemistry. To ensure your best performance,  make sure to check the given last minute revision tips and guidelines here. Visit the official website for detail information.

ISC Chemistry 2023 Exam: Important Guideline

According to press report English and Maths papers are successfully over in various ISC School,

ISC Class 12 Chemistry board exam 2023 is the main exam for the ISC candidates. The exam is scheduled to be conducted from 2 pm to 5pm on Monday, February 27, 2023.

ISC 12th Chemistry 2023 Chapter-wise Weightage

Check out the ISC 12th Chemistry 2023 chapter-wise weightage here in the following table-

Unit Total Weightage
Solutions Physical Chemistry: 25 marks
Chemical Kinetics
D and f- block elements Inorganic Chemistry: 14 marks
Coordination Compounds
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Organic Chemistry: 31 marks
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Total 70 marks


ISC 12th Chemistry 2023 Important Topics

The candidates can find out the important topics of ISC 12th Chemistry 2023 here-

Unit Names Topics Names
  • Solubility of gases in liquids
  • Raoult’s Law for Volatile Solutes and Non-volatile Solutes
  • Colligative Properties etc
  • Electrochemical cells
  • Measurement of Potential
  • Galvanic Cells
  • Electrochemical Series etc
Chemical Kinetics
  • Meaning of Chemical Kinetics
  • Rate of reaction
  • Law of Mass Action
  • Effect of Concentration of Reactants on the rate of a reaction
  • Order of a reaction etc
d and f Block elements
  • 3d, 4d and 5d series
  • 4f and 5f series
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Potassium dichromate etc
Coordination Compounds
  • Definition of Coordination compounds
  • Isomerism
  • Crystal field theory
  • Stability of coordination compounds etc
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Alkane and halogen
  • Alkene and Hydrogen Halide
  • Silver Salt of fatty acids
  • Halide exchange method
  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical properties
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  • Classification into monohydric
  • Methods of preparation
  • Acidic nature of alcohols
  • Dehydration with mechanism
  • Oxidation
  • Uses of alcohols
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  • Physical properties – state and boiling point
  • Aromatic aldehyde (Benzaldehyde)
  • Base catalysed reactions
  • Carboxylic Acids
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
  • Amines
  • Aniline
  • Cyanides and Isocyanides
  • Diazonium salts
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Nucleic Acids

Now let us start the cream of the topics with the important resources, tips and guidelines for the upcoming ISC Chemistry Board Exam 2023 in a week.

Imp Tips for ISC Class 12 Chemistry Exam 2023

  1. Reach the exam Centre on time and take the assigned seat in the Examination Hall / Room five minutes prior to the distribution of question papers. Late candidates must provide satisfactory explanation to the Supervising Examiner.
  2. Students should read all the questions well before they answer
  3. Focus on all the general instructions provided in the beginning of the question paper and also the instruction, if any, with each question.
  4. Attempt only the required number of questions.
  5. Focus on Chemical equation which must be balanced.
  6. Show rough work in numerical Question.
  7. Make sure to write the UID, Index Number and Subject on the top-sheet of the Main Answer Booklet in the space provided and on the front sheet of each continuation booklet used.
  8. Use only Black/Blue ball- point pen / Fountain Pen. (pencils for diagrams). 
  9. Revised the ISC Chemistry Specimen paper of 2023.

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