No Coaching Below 16: Effect of This Advisory over Students.

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Now days the update in education system are common these days but this update can make you shocked as No coaching below age of 16 has been released by central government on 18th of January 2024. Let us read in detail now

No Coaching Below 16 Effect of This Advisory over Students

No Coaching Below 16: Deep analysis and reaction of Parents.

According to the new guidelines announced by the Ministry of Education, coaching institutes will not be able to admit students below the age of 16 years and will not be able to make misleading promises like guarantees of getting good numbers or ranks. The guidelines for regulating coaching institutes are meant to cater to the need for a legal framework and prevent the surge of private coaching institutes in a haphazard manner.

Why these Guidelines Were Given

The ministry has prepared these guidelines following complaints received by the government regarding the increasing cases of student suicide, incidents of fire, lack of facilities in coaching institutes as well as the teaching methods adopted by them. The detailed framework for the mental welfare of students in the guidelines comes after the incident of a record number of students committing suicide in Kota last year

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Institutions cannot make misleading promises

No coaching institute will appoint teachers with lower qualifications than graduates. Coaching institutes cannot make misleading promises or guarantee rank or good marks to parents for enrolling students. Institutions cannot enroll students below the age of 16. Students should be enrolled in the coaching institute only after the secondary school  examination

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No Convicted Teachers are Allowed

Coaching institutes cannot hire the services of any teacher or person who has been convicted of any offence involving moral misconduct. No institution shall be registered unless it has an advisory system in place as required by these guidelines

Must Have Own Website of Coaching institutes 

Coaching institutes will have a website which contains updated details of teaching teachers (tutors) qualifications, course/curricular material, completion period, hostel facilities and fees to be charged

The remaining fees should be refunded.

The guidelines state that the fees for various courses should be transparent and reasonable and a receipt for the fees to be charged should be given. It has been clarified that if a student leaves the course in the middle, then his remaining period fees should be refunded.

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Strengthening the policy of imposing penalties for violations,

the Centre has suggested that coaching institutes should be fined up to one lakh rupees for violating the guidelines or their registration should be cancelled for charging excessive fees

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