Physics Specimen Paper Sec-A 2023 Solved for ISC Class-12

Physics Specimen Paper Sec-A 2023 Solved for ISC Class-12.  Step by step solutions as council prescribe guideline of model sample question paper.  During solutions of Physics specimen paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary.

Physics Specimen Paper Sec-A 2023 Solved for ISC Class-12

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ISC Class-12 Physics Specimen Paper 2023 Solved sec-A

Board ISC
Class  12th (xii)
Subject Physics (Section-A)
Topic ISC Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus  on Revised syllabus
Session 2022-23

ISC Class-12 Physics Specimen Paper 2023 Solved sec-A

Warning :- before viewing solution view Question Paper

Time Allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time).

  • This paper is divided into four sections – A, B, C and D.
  • Answer all questions.
  • Section A consists of one question having sub-parts of one mark each.
  • Section B consists of seven questions of two marks each.
  • Section C consists of nine questions of three marks each, and
  • Section D consists of three questions of five marks each.
  • Internal choices have been provided in two questions each in Section B,
    Section C and Section D.
    The intended marks for questions are given in brackets [ ].
  • All working, including rough work, should be done on the same sheet as and adjacent to the rest of the answer.
  • Answers to sub parts of the same question must be given in one place only.
  • A list of useful physical constants is given at the end of this paper.
  • A simple scientific calculator without a programmable memory may be used for calculations.


ISC Class-12 Physics Specimen Paper 2023 Solved sec-A

Question 1: (A) In questions (i) to (vii) below, choose the correct alternative (a), (b), (c) or (d) for each of the questions given below:

(i) The surface charge density of a large conducting sheet is 17·7 × 10-6 Cm-² . The electric field intensity at a point outside the sheet but close to it is:

(a) 1×104 NC-1
(b) 5×104 NC-1
(c) 1×105 NC-1
(d) 1×106 NC-1

(ii) If R1 and R2 are filament resistances of a 100W bulb and a 50W bulb respectively, designed to operate on the same voltage, then:

(a) R1 = R2
(b) R1 = 4R2
(c) R2 = 4R1
(d) R2 = 2R1

(iii) Magnetic flux density (B) of the magnetic field at a point on the axis of a
long straight solenoid is given by:


(iv) Two thin lenses having optical powers of -8D and +12D are placed in contact
with each other. The focal length of this combination is:

(a) + 0·25 m
(b) – 0·25 m
(c) + 0·25 cm
(d) – 0·25 cm

(v) Cylindrical wavefronts are produced by:

(a) a point source of light
(b) a line source of light
(c) a source at infinity
(d) all types of sources of light

(vi) The graph of de-Broglie wavelength (λ) of a moving electron versus its velocity (v) is:


(vii) ‘n’ type semiconductor is that which has

(a) holes as majority carriers.
(b) free electrons as majority carriers.
(c) holes and free electrons equal in number.
(d) trivalent element as an impurity.

(B) Answer the following questions briefly:

(i) In an electric dipole, what is the locus of a point having zero potential?

(ii) Name the conservation principle implied in Kirchhoff’s Junction law for electric circuits.

(iii) Give any one reason why efficiency of a transformer is always less than 1.

(iv) Give an example of coherent sources of light.

(v) In Young’s double slit experiment, what is the path difference between the two light waves forming 5th bright fringe on the screen?

(vi) State the function of a moderator in a nuclear reactor.

(vii) In semiconductors, what is meant by “doping”?

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