Physics Specimen Paper Sec-C 2023 Solved for ISC Class-12

Physics Specimen Paper Sec-C 2023 Solved for ISC Class-12.  Step by step solutions as council prescribe guideline of model sample question paper.  During solutions of Physics specimen paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12.

ISC Class-12 Physics Specimen Paper 2023 Solved sec-C

Board ISC
Class  12th (xii)
Subject Physics (Section-C)
Topic ISC Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus  on Revised syllabus
Session 2022-23

ISC Class-12 Physics Specimen Paper 2023 Solved sec-C

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Question 9: Obtain an expression for intensity of electric field at a point in end on position i.e. on an axial line of an electric dipole.

Question 10: 

(i) In a meter bridge circuit, resistance in the left gap is 4Ω and an unknown  resistance R is in the right-hand gap as shown in Figure 2 below. The null point is found to be 40 cm from the left end of the wire.


(ii) A circuit is used to determine the internal resistance and the emf of a cell. It consists of the cell, a variable resistor, an ideal ammeter A a ……………

Question 11:  Obtain an expression for magnetic flux density B at the centre of a current carrying circular coil.

Question 12: Using Huygen’s wave theory, prove Snell’s law of refraction of light.

Question 13: 

(i) Obtain Prism formula i.e. prove that
𝑛 = ……………..

(ii) Derive Lens Maker’s formula.

Question 14: 

(i) Calculate the angular width of the central maxima obtained in Fraunhofer single slit diffraction experiment, when a monochromatic light of wavelength 550 nm falls normally on a rectangular slit of width 1·1×10-4 cm.

(ii) How will its value change if the experiment is repeated with monochromatic light of greater wavelength?

Question 15: 

(i) With reference to photoelectric effect, plot a labelled graph of stopping potential (Vs) versus frequency (f)of the incident radiation.

(ii) State how will you use this graph to determine the value of Planck’s constant.

Question 16: 

(i) State any two differences between Nuclear fusion and Nuclear fission.

(ii) What is the essential difference between the working of a fission bomb and a nuclear reactor?

Question 17:

What is meant by reverse biasing of a semiconductor diode? Draw a labelled characteristic curve i.e. I – V graph for a semiconductor diode during reverse bias.

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