School Reopen 2023 Latest Update: Urge to Extend School Holidays of Summer

School Reopen 2023 Latest Update: Urge to Extend School Holidays of Summer due to severe simmering heat wave conditions. Some state have declare extension on summer vacation/ holidays while a few state did not released any extension.

School Reopen 2023 Latest Update: Some State Have Already Declared Extension on Summer Vacation / Holidays

School Reopen 2023 Latest Update: As per report the heat wave are becoming killer and pouring fire.  Feeling of morning breeze disappear .There is no feeling of morning but feel like noon direct.

School Reopen 2023 Latest Update Urge to Extend School Holidays of Summer

Therefore some state government  have declare holidays extension as school were about to reopen. The Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh states have extended the holidays following the heat waves government  have declared such extension.

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No Extension Declare by Some State- Report

According to report there is no extension declare by some state although heat stroke is blowing at top gear. parents as well as student and teacher not prepare to manage daily routine of school in such unfavorable condition. These state are Telangana, Jharkhand , Andhra Pradesh. school is almost about to reopen in these discuss state in one or two days.

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Urge to Extend School Holidays of Summer Vacation

The  parents and managements of Telangana, Jharkhand , Andhra Pradesh  educational institutions (private and government ) have urged the government to extend holidays for schools, which are set to reopen in one or two days.

Parents are Reluctant to Send Their Wards to Schools

The parents are reluctant to send their wards to the schools and also hostels following the heat waves.  The Telangana government is reluctant to take a decision even as the schools are set to reopen on Monday. The Andhra Pradesh state was considering to extend summer holidays

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Government Should Extend Holidays and Reduce Other holidays

Neither the government nor the private schools were showing interest to run their schools in this hot summer and cause problems to the students,  the government should extend holidays and reduce the other holidays to cover up the losses in the Academic year. the government would be held responsible if they anything goes wrong to the students following the heat waves and demanded the government to rethink its decision and announce the extension of holidays immediately.

Appealed to the State Government

Appealed to the state government to postpone the reopening of the schools for the benefit of student community.  On behalf of parents and teachers, They urged Education Minister to reopen the schools after a week or after the arrival of monsoons.

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