School Reopening Postponed: Summer Vacations Extended in These State

School Reopening Postponed: Summer Vacations Extended in These State due to strong heat blown in these state of India. Some state government has postponed the reopening of schools in due to strong heat wave.

School Reopening Postponed: Due to Strong Heat Wave in Many State of India

School Reopening Postponed: Due to the increasing of heat wave, the date of reopening of schools in northern part of India has been postponed temporarily. Although last week the temperature became fall down due to light rainfall .

List of State Postponed the Re-Opening Date

According to latest news , the strong heat wave come back to many northern part of India . These state suffer more heat wave and there is no chance of releaf in few days.

When UP school Will Re-Open in 2023 ?

As per report Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan, Gujrat, Uttarakhand  and MP government extend  the summer vacations in the schools .

School Reopening Postponed Summer Vacations Extended

According to the calendar, the schools will remain closed for a total of 40 days. The holidays which started from Sunday 21st May will continue till 30th June.

KV School in UP start from 16th to 17 of June

Although state government decided to postponed the reopening of school while the Central school not declare any circular Hence all KV school in UP will be reopen from 16th to 17 of June-2023, “said report”.

When CBSE School Reopening Date in UP

The school of central board of secondary education (CBSE) have not declare any circular till now. Therefore school will be reopen on their fix date.

Re-Opening Date of School in …State

Re-Openind Date in Kerala, Maharashtra , Bihar, West Bengal , Tamil Nadu , Telangana and Karnataka may be declare for postponing in a few days,”expert said”. If circular not released then these state school will be reopen between 16th to 20 June 2023 as earlier scheduled.

School Reopen Date 2023-24 After Summer break

The question remain same that when will school reopen . For detail information of vacation please contact to your school office. Although a confirmation SMS will be deliver if any change in schedule.

Note – The data shown in this article has been taken from various reliable sources. however you are requested to contact your school for detail information or visit ministry of education  to get latest report.

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