Specimen Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Sample Paper

Specimen Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Sample Paper . Model Specimen Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Sample Paper for 2020. Sample Paper for ICSE Board Class-9 Commercial Studies. Hence for better practice of Sample Paper ICSE Commercial Studies 2020. Model Paper is very helpful for ICSE student appearing in 2020 exam of council.Also visit official website www.cisce.com for more detail.

Specimen Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Sample Paper

Sample Paper Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020


(Two Hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Model Sample Paper Commercial Studies ICSE Class-9 Specimen for 2020

Attempt all questions from this Section

Question 1

Distinguish between:
(a) Commercial and Non-commercial activities [2]
(b) Book keeping and Accounting [2]
(c) Saving and Fixed deposit [2]
(d) Journal and Ledger [2]
(e) Wholesale and Retail trade [2]

Question 2

(a) Explain ‘Profession’? Give one example. [2]
(b) Name any two principles of accounting. [2]
(c) Explain E-trading. [2]
(d) State any two objectives of a trial balance. [2]
(e) Explain non-profit organisations. Give one example. [2]

Question 3

(a) What do you understand by E-waste management? [2]
(b) Name any two eco friendly products. [2]
(c) Explain joint stock company. [2]
(d) State any two features of a co-operative society. [2]
(e) Briefly explain ‘Accounting Cycle’. [2]

Question 4

(a) Explain the term ‘Communication’. [2]
(b) Explain ‘Posting’. [2]
(c) State any one objective of Human Resource Department. [2]
(d) Mention any two features of a government company. [2]
(e) State any two features of employment. [2]

SECTION B (40 Marks)

Specimen Sample Model Paper Commercial Studies for ICSE Class-9

Attempt any four questions from this Section

Question 5

(a) Explain the primary functions of a Commercial Bank. [5]
(b) State any three merits and any two demerits of online trading. [5]

Question 6

(a) Explain the golden rules of debit and credit of accounts [5]
(b) Explain briefly any five aids to trade. [5]

Question 7

(a) Define partnership. Explain any four features of partnership. [5]
(b) Write short notes on:
(i) E-mail
(ii) Social Media [5]

Question 8

(a) Explain primary and secondary industries with examples. [5]
(b) Prepare a trial balances from the ledger balances of M/s. Agarwal & Sons as at 31st March 2018. [5]

Capital   ` 60,000.00 Advertising        ` 9,200.00
Purchases `  42,500.00 Furniture  ` 14,300.00
Sales  ` 52,600.00 Sundry Debtor  ` 25,000.00
Opening Stock ` 16,500.00 Sundry Creditor ` 23,000.00
Building ` 33,500.00 Interest on investments ` 15,000.00
Closing Stock ` 1,500.00 Commission Received ` 3,400.00
Carriage on Sale ` 1,500.00 Return Inward ` 1,500.00
Salaries ` 8,000.00 Carriage on Purchase ` 2,000.00

Question 9

(a) Explain the elements of the communication process. [5]
(b) Write short notes on:
(i) Asset
(ii) Discount [5]

Question 10

Prepare a single column Cash Book (Cash column only) from the following
transactions of M/s Chaterjee & Sons for the month of April 2018:
1st April  Cash in hand ` 4,510/-
2nd April Purchased goods from Mr. Roy in cash ` 15,000/-
5th of April Received commission in cash ` 3,500/-
10th April  Sold goods in cash ` 25,000/-
15th April Purchased furniture by cheque ` 20,000/-
18th April Paid electricity bill ` 3,800/-
20th April Paid staff salaries ` 5,200/-
23rd April Withdrawn cash from business for personal use ` 5,000/-
25th April Cash further invested in business ` 20,000/-
28th April  A cheque received from Mr. Roy and deposited
into bank. ` 15,000/-
April 30 Purchased machinery in cash ` 10,000/-

Sample Specimen Paper ICSE Class- 9 Model

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