ICSE Hindi 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline Sec-A and Sec-B

ICSE Hindi 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline Sec-A and Sec-B. Focus on These Point otherwise It may be loss in marking. After the English , Maths, Geography ,Physics  and chemistry Exam, students are preparing to appear in the last exam of ICSE Class 10 Hindi.

To ensure your best performance,  make sure to check the given day revision tips and guidelines here. Visit the official website cisce.org for detail information.

ICSE Hindi 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline Sec-A and Sec-B

According to press report English , Maths, Geography, Physics as well as Chemistry Exam are successfully conducted  in various ICSE School. The Hindi exam is scheduled to be conducted from 11 am to 2.00 pm on Monday, March 27, 2023.

More About ICSE Hindi…….

Hindi is one of the most scoring subjects in the board examination if students have the right preparation strategy

For last-day revisions, make short notes about the names of the chapters’, writer names, poet names, and the characters’ names, and write them down as important keywords of the stories as well as poem

The question format of ICSE Hindi for this year, 2023 has changed. The paper is split into 2 sections.

Section A (compulsory) of 40 marks

Q1) Composition (15×1=15)

Q2)  Letter of 7 marks  [(7×1)=7]

Q3)  Passage of 10 marks  [(5×2)=10]

Q2)  MCQs of 8 marks  [(8×1)=8]

Total Marks of Sec A = 15+7+10+8 = 40 Marks

Section B (Attempt Any Four) of 40 marks

It comprises of 12 Question (Que 5 to 16) of 10 marks each but you should attempt only any 4 question.

Therefore  4 Que x 10 mark each = 40 Mark total

Que-5, 6 and 7th  of Sahitya Sagar (Short Stories)

Que-8, 9 and 10th  of Sahitya Sagar (Poem)

Que-11, 12 and 13th  of Naya Rasta

Que-14, 15 and 16th  of Ekanki Sanchay

Tips and Guideline

The correct method to study Hindi for board examination is to read all the stories and plays included in the syllabus along with the summary of all the poems. Hindi literature is an interesting part and students should give it more time for preparation. Students must make a daily schedule to complete the syllabus on time and cover all the prose, poetry and play.


Comprehension, which consists of 10 marks, must be read thoroughly to answer the questions accurately. It is considered to be another scoring part of the paper

Essay and letter

Essay and letter writing are of 15 and 7 marks each which should be attempted last

Hindi Grammar

When it comes to Hindi Grammar, it is important to note that regular practice and memorizing certain chapters like Synonyms, Antonyms & Idioms will prove to be helpful at the time of the examination

 Sahitya Sagar Short Story

students are required to read each and every story thoroughly and have a solid idea of the plot to answer any one of the questions of Sahitya Sagar. 

You must read the poems thoroughly and have a solid preparation when it comes to the explanation of the stanzas.

 Novel and Play

It is important to remember the characters’ names and major plot points to answer the questions. Naya Rasta and Ekanki Sanchay text book deeply should be deeply analyzed.

 Picture Story

Students should attempt the picture story only if they can understand the picture, have knowledge related to the topic and can explain the picture clearly. If attempted, it is compulsory to describe the picture in the first 5 to 6 lines

Hindi Grammar

practice sample question papers thoroughly to get an idea and take proper revisions for Hindi grammar


Drama section, students should read the dramas 2-3 times, memorise the characters and the storyline to answer any questions at the examination.

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