Online Offline: Which is Better, Check Here Before Admission

Online Offline: Which is Better, Check Here Before Admission in any institute.  Students are now thinking about the coaching classes but there is two option. Many questions are blowing into the mind such as –Online or Offline which Classes / Education / Coaching are better.

Online Offline Which is Better Check Here Before Admission

If you have same problems then this article is for you. read here the advantage and dis-advantage of online / offline study.

Online Vs Offline Learning: Which Classes / Education / Coaching is Better

Online Offline: Every coin has two phase and same is applicable in case of above matter. There is some advantage and some dis advantage of both type learning. Therefore you should take finally decision after reading this post deeply.

Advantage of Online  Classes / Education / Coaching

  • Online Classes Are Convenient
  • The Online Classes Are Flexible
  • Online Classes Are More Affordable
  • No Back row Sitting
  • Have Option to Select Best Teacher of any Location

Dis-Advantage of Online  Classes / Education / Coaching / Learning

  • Create a Sense of Isolation
  • Requires Self-Discipline
  • Requires Additional Training for Instructors
  • Prone to Technical Issues
  • More Time on Screen

Advantage of Offline Classes / Education / Coaching / Learning

  • better classroom interaction
  • Increases student competition
  • classroom communication
  • Teachers pay attention to each student
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Maintain Punctuality and Regularity
  • Practice based learning
  • Lab Practical

Disadvantages of Offline Classes / Education / Coaching / Learning

  • Traveling expenses
  • Fixed schedule
  • Longer schedules
  • More Expensive
  • Lectures once delivered cannot be repeated
  • Loss if Absent
  • Limited Choice of Courses / Teachers


There are advantages and disadvantages of online / offline learning for education. Please take finally decision after deeply analysis the above argument.

ICSE Help Suggestion

According to ICSE Help team there is no option of offline classes as student go to school/collage not only for study but to learn more thing to develop the facing of life.

Online classes may be fit for higher education but in case of lower classes offline is better to develop all round development. this is the personal thinking of our team. you are free to choose as you like.


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