Sample Paper Home Science ICSE Class-10 Specimen Model 2020

Sample Paper Home Science ICSE Class-10 Specimen Model 2020 . Specimen Home Science  ICSE Class-10 Sample Paper for 2020. Sample Paper for ICSE Board Class-10 Home Science. Hence by better practice of Sample Paper ICSE  Home Science  2020 is very helpful for ICSE student appearing in 2020 exam of council.

ICSE Class 10 Specimen Sample paper

Sample Paper Home Science ICSE Class-10 Specimen Model 2020


(Two hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Sample Paper Home Science ICSE Class-10 Specimen for 2020

Attempt all questions from this Section

Question 1

(a) Define two dimensions of colour. [2]
(b) What type of light is suitable for a bedroom and why? [2]
(c) Suggest two ways of maintaining carpets in good condition. [2]
(d) What is the importance of a work triangle in a kitchen? [2]
(e) Write one line each on any two eating disorders among adolescents. [2]

Question 2

(a) Give the full form of ATM and PIN. [2]
(b) List two features of a Recurring Deposit Account. [2]
(c) Why is the signature on the specimen card retained by the bank? [2]
(d) Name two types of family budget. [2]
(e) Give two reasons on the importance of saving. [2]

Question 3

(a) Differentiate between growth and development. [2]
(b) Give two differences in physical maturity seen in boys and girls. [2]
(c) List any two rights of a consumer. [2]
(d) Name two adulterants found in besan (gram flour). [2]
(e) Why is salt used as a preservative? [2]
Question 4
(a) Mention the importance of using blues in laundry. [2]

(b) What is the need for consumer education? Give two reasons. [2]
(c) Give two differences between soaps and detergents. [2]
(d) Write one precaution each for washing and drying of woollens? [2]
(e) Name two chemical preservatives used in food preservation. [2]

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Specimen Sample Model Paper Home Science for ICSE Class-10

Attempt any four questions from this Section

Question 5

(a) Suggest a colour scheme for a girl’s room with suitable reasons. [5]
(b) Mention five factors affecting the selection of fabric for curtains. [5]
(c) Discuss any five factors to be considered while planning a kitchen. [5]

Question 6

(a) What is the role of the family in the emotional development of an adolescent girl? [5]
(b) Discuss the role of peers during adolescence period. [5]
(c) How does the school help in shaping the personality of a teenager? [5]

Question 7

(a) Name the five food groups and discuss the nutritional contribution of each group. [5]
(b) Explain any five factors to be considered while planning meals for the family. [5]
(c) Give the principle and method of freezing and sun drying as common household methods of preservation of food. [5]

Question 8

(a) Differentiate between laundering of cotton and synthetic garments. [5]
(b) Explain the steps involved in making a family budget. [5]
(c) Give the details of the information given in a passbook and mention their significance. [5]

Question 9

(a) Your sister is aware of only one responsibility as a consumer i.e. use information wisely. Using appropriate examples, tell her about five other responsibilities. [5]
(b) A wise consumer uses sensible buying methods. Justify the statement. [5]
(c) While cleaning dals, it is found that the shape of grains is not uniform and deep yellow coloured water is observed while washing it. In this context:
(i) give reasons for these observations.
(ii) state the health hazards of consuming such a pulse in your diet. [5]

Question 10

(a) Trace the social development of a child during middle childhood. [5]
(b) Give any five characteristics of cognitive development of a child of five to twelve years with the help of examples. [5]
(c) Why do adolescents suffer from body odour and how do they deal with it? [5]

 Specimen Paper ICSE Class-10

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