Sample Paper Physical Education ICSE Class-10 Specimen

Sample Paper Physical Education ICSE Class-10 Specimen Model 2020 . Specimen Physical Education  ICSE Class-10 Sample Paper for 2020. Sample Paper for ICSE Board Class-10 Physical Education . Hence by better practice of Sample Paper ICSE  Physical Education  2020 is very helpful for ICSE student appearing in 2020 exam of council.

ICSE Class 10 Specimen Sample paper

Sample Paper Physical Education ICSE Class-10 Specimen Model 2020



(Two hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

Attempt all questions from Section A and any two questions from Section B.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

SECTION A (50 Marks)

Sample Paper Physical Education ICSE Class-10 Specimen for 2020

Attempt all questions from this Section

Question 1

(a) Mention any two points to be kept in mind for care of the eyes. [2] (b) Name any two functions of a disinfectant. [2] (c) State three precautions to be observed while exercising. [3] (d) State three points to maintain personal hygiene. [3]

Question 2

(a) State any two harmful effects of chewing tobacco. [2] (b) What are the symptoms of ringworm? [2] (c) Explain the principles of diet with reference to obesity. [3] (d) Name the causal agents for the following viral diseases:
(i) common cold (ii) yellow fever (iii) rabies. [3]

Question 3

(a) Write one symptom each of Rheumatism and Protozoa. [2] (b) State any two defects of vision. [2] (c) Mention three differences between antibiotics and antiseptics. [3] (d) What is meant by the term Droplet Infection? Suggest two ways of preventing it. [3]

Question 4

(a) State two major purposes of first aid. [2] (b) State two causes of electrical accidents. [2]

(c) Name the vaccines given for each of the following:

(i) Malaria
(ii) Pneumonia
(iii) Tuberculosis [3] (d) Define recreation. Enumerate the advantages of recreational activities. [3]

Question 5


Name the following:
(i) device used to check bleeding
(ii) the treatment given to the person who has stopped breathing. [2] (b) Suggest any two measures to avoid railway accidents. [2] (c) Discuss the role of exercise in slimming. [3] (d) Define posture. Explain the advantages of maintaining correct posture. [3]

SECTION B (50 Marks)

Specimen Sample Model Paper Physical Education for ICSE Class-10

Attempt two questions from this Section
You must attempt one question on each of the two games of your choice


Question 6

(a) Explain the following terms in Cricket:

(i) Square leg
(ii) Mid-off
(iii) Off spin
(iv) Long-on [8] (b)

(i) Explain the term power play. What are the maximum number of
overs to be bowled during each power play?
(ii) Explain how a wide ball is judged.
(iii) Batting skills are the backbone of a good cricketer. Name three
batting skills. [9] (c) Explain the term protective equipment in Cricket. Mention any six
protective equipment used by a batsman. [8]

Question 7

(a) Explain the following terms in Cricket:

(i) Time-out
(ii) Short run
(iii) Hit wicket
(iv) Follow-on. [8] (b) (i) Explain any six instances when the ball becomes dead.
(ii) Mention any three restrictions imposed on a substitute during a
match. [9] (c)

(i) Explain the signals to be used by the umpire in the following cases:
(1) Short run
(2) No ball
(3) Bye
(4) To consult the third Umpire.
(5) Wide
(6) Leg bye.
(ii) Enumerate four responsibilities of a wicket keeper. [8]


Question 8


Explain how the game can be re-started under the following conditions:
(i) At kick-off the ball is passed into the striker’s half before being
touched by any other player.
(ii) When the ball goes out of the goal line of the same team last
touched by the attacking player.
(iii) After a kick-off, the kicker touches the ball a second time before it
is played by another player.
(iv) When the defending player deliberately touches the ball with his
hand inside his own penalty area. [8] (b)

(i) With the help of a diagram show the position of the following
players during a penalty kick

(1) The player taking the penalty kick
(2) The defending goal keeper
(3) The players other than the kicker.
(ii) Mention three duties of a linesman in the game. [9] (c)

(i) Explain the importance of the following:
(1) Extra time
(2) Kick-off
(3) Centre mark.
(ii) Mention any two situations for which a player is shown a red card
and sent off. [8]

Question 9


Explain the following terms in Football:
(i) Goal kick
(ii) Ball out of play
(iii) Dropped ball
(iv) Abandoned match. [8] (b)

(i) If a match ends in a draw and a winner is to be decided, explain the
procedure to be followed by the referee to decide the winner.
(ii) Mention three situations when a corner kick is awarded. [9] (c)

(i) State any six cautionable offences committed by a player in
(ii) Name three techniques of passing the football on the ground. [8]


Question 10


Explain the following terms in Handball:
(i) Free throw
(ii) Playing time
(iii) Goal-keeper throw
(iv) I H F. [8] (b)

(i) Explain the instances when a player can be disqualified.

(ii) How is the game re-started in Handball? Explain. [9] (c) (i) Explain any three situations when a 7-Metre throw is awarded.
(ii) Name five major skills of playing Handball based on natural
activities (running, jumping, etc.). [8]

Question 11


With the help of diagrams, explain any two formations in handball. [8] (b)

(i) Explain any six duties of the referee in Handball.
(ii) Mention the hand signals for the following:
(1) Free throw
(2) Offensive foul
(3) Illegal dribble. [9] (c) (i) Explain three actions which are permitted and three actions not
permitted during the approach to an opponent.
(ii) When is a player excluded from the game? Explain. [8]


Question 12


Explain the following terms in Hockey:
(i) Free hit
(ii) Dangerous play
(iii) Scoop
(iv) Push [8] (b)

(i) Mention any six occasions when the umpire blows the whistle
during a game.
(ii) When is a goal considered to have been scored in Hockey?
(iii) Mention any two important features of a shooting circle. [9] (c) (i) What decisions will be taken by the umpire in the following cases?
(1) An international breach of the rules inside the circle by a
player of the defending team.
(2) The ball hits the foot of a player.
(3) Injury to a player.

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