The Great Automatic Grammatizator Long Ans Que ISC Class 11 Prism

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Long Answer Question for  ISC Class 11 Prism (collection of short stories) . Step by step workbook answer of questions and explanations of ISC Prism Class 11 . Chapter Wise Workbook Solutions of Evergreen Publications  .Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 English.

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Long Ans Que ISC Class 11 Prism

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Long Answer Question for  ISC Class 11 Prism

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 11
Book Name  Prism (A collection of short Stories )
Chapter-4 The Great Automatic Grammatizator:
Topics Long Answer Question


Long Answer Question

(The Great Automatic Grammatizator for  ISC Class 11 Prism (collection of short stories)

Question-1:  How does John Bohlen describe the efficiency of the automatic computing engine?

Answer: John Bohlen describes as probably the fastest electronic calculating machine in the world today. Its function is to satisfy the ever-increasing need of science, industry, and administration for rapid mathematical calculation which, in the past, by traditional methods, would have been physically impossible, or would have required more time .

According to Bohlen, The speed with which the new engine works, can provide the correct answer in five seconds to a problem that would occupy a mathematician for a month.  In three minutes, it can produce a calculation that by hand (if it were possible) would fill half a million sheets of foolscap paper.

automatic computing engine uses pulses of electricity, generated at the rate of a million a second, to solve all calculations that resolve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in seconds

Question-2: Explain the feelings, thoughts and behaviour of Adolf Knipe after he reaches his apartment.

Answer: After reaching in his two-room apartment, Knipe pours himself poured a drink of whiskey and sits down in front of the typewriter . He re-call into mind on his meeting with Bohlen and thought that Bohlen was right in his idea of Knipe’s need for a holiday. However, Knipe is also frustrated with Bohlen’s dismissal of his idea for a machine that can write stories. Knipe’s thoughts then turn to the half-finished sheet of typing still in the machine, which is headed “A Narrow Escape”. He takes a sip of whiskey and begins to read through the sheet, suggesting that he is seeking solace in his writing and using it as a means of escape from his frustrations.

Question-3:  How did Adolf Knipe work for the development of the machine before he completed the papers and went to the office of John Bohlen ?

Answer: Before completing the papers and going to the office of John Bohlen , electrical engineers,  Adolph Knipe worked on the invention of the machine model. He contributed to the original plans and had important ideas that were crucial to the project. In fact, Mr. Bohlen thinks  that without  some of his ideas, the project might still be on the drawing-boards today. Knipe’s contribution to the machine’s invention was important, and his ideas played a an role in its aim.

Question-4: Give a summary of the conversation that takes place between Knipe and Bohlen when Knipe explains the way the machine will function

Answer: In the conversation between Adolph Knipe and Mr. Bohlen, Knipe explains the functioning of the machine he has invented. He demonstrate his confidence in its function, arguing that he has proved it will work with full efficiency. but, Mr. Bohlen, while acknowledging the ingenuity and brilliance of the idea, asks its practicality and profitability. He asks Knipe what possible use the machine could have and where the money lies in it.

The young boy proceeds to explain how he came up with the idea and begins by stating that he had been thinking about the problem of writing automatic stories . He tells to bohlen that the machine is not just for writing stories but can also be used for other purposes. Knipe also explains that the machine uses electricity  pulses to generate higher speed for calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Knipe also explain the speed and efficiency of the machine, that it can provide the correct answer to a problem in just five seconds, which would take  a month to solve for mathematician . Young boy try to explain the a lot of applications of this machine, mentioning that it can be also used in science, industry, and administration area for rapid  calculations of mathematical which were impossible previously.

Question-5: How does Knipe explain his project as a profit earning venture to Bohlen?

Answer:  Young Man, Adolph Knipe explains his project that it is  a profit-earning due to machine’s speed and efficiency.  He emphasizes that the machine’s speed and accuracy make it a valuable tool that can be used in science, industry, and administration for rapid mathematical calculations that were previously impossible

Knipe also mentions that the machine can be used to write stories and novels, which can be sold for profit and explains that the machine can produce a large number of stories and novels in a short amount of time, which can be sold to publishers. He has already started selling stories and has made a name for himself in literary circles as a successful writer. He also mentions that he has built up a dozen or more fictitious persons as promising young authors, which has helped him sell more stories.

Question-6:  How was the machine adapted to the writing of novels?

Answer:  this machine has built in constructing a marvellous new control system that enabled the author to pre-select literally any type of plot and any style of writing . He added so many dials and levers to the machine  Knipe’s allowed  to adapt the machine for novel writing .

He constructed a new control system that allowed the author to pre-select the plot and style of writing . The machine could now produce novels as well as stories,  machine’s new control system was complicated, and Knipe had to make many adjustments to get it to work more correctly. Knipe had to ensure that the machine could produce  well-written novel that would be acceptable for popular magazine. He spent many a lot of time working on the machine, making adjustments and testing it until he was fully satisfied that machine was ready to produce novels and stories.

Question-7: Bring out the elements of amusement in the story.

Answer : machine’s initial failures,. The characters’ reactions to these failures, particularly Mr. Bohlen’s panic and Knipe’s calm reassurances,  idea of a machine producing stories that are accepted by publishers and even becoming popular.  Bohlen’s name is attached to a story but gets rejected, while Knipe’s stories are accepted, The scene where Mr. Bohlen attempts to write a novel using the machine is filled with comic elements.

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