School Reopen 2023 Delayed: Summer Vacation Latest News on Extension

School Reopen 2023 Delayed: Summer Vacation Latest News on Extension We want to tell all the students and students that due to the scorching heat, all your government and private schools were closed, but here all of you were closed for 20 days in school and in some schools for one month.

School Reopen 2023 Delayed: Summer Vacation May Be Extended in These State

School Reopen 2023 Delayed: As per report the summer vacation 2023. I want to inform all of you that summer vacation can be further extended. Otherwise, in today’s article, I am going to tell you all about this. If you people also study in government and private schools.

School Reopen 2023 Delayed Summer Vacation Latest News on Extension

Read the article carefully which state have declare the extension on summer holidays for school reopening 2023.

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Summer Vacation 2023 in India

According to latest news  on summer vacation and school reopen date one extension has been already declare in many state of India. These state where summer vacation/ holidays 2023 extended are mostly norther part of India.

Northern Part of India Facing More Heat Stroke in June

Latest Weather Report indicating that currently the temperature of UP/ PM/ ChhattisGarh/ Gujrat Rajasthan are very high. The maximum temperature recorded was 45.  Parents are also demanding on further extension. Parent want the extension till last of june and school would be reopen in July 2023.

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Summer Vacation be Extended Again ?

You all would like to read this news first. After all, can the summer vacation be extended? So you are going to tell all about it here. If you people study in private school coaching institute like government school. So after all you all will have an extended school holiday. So how will you know, then it is very important for all of you to know about it.

Yes ,  Summer Vacation can be Extended Again, School Reopen Delayed

We want to inform all of you that if summer vacation can be extended. So all of you will get the order to see it under the school. Like your school has been closed for one month (appr)  . The second circular over it may be released very soon. You will get the message  from your school also via SMS.

These State Declared Holidays Extension on Summer Vacation 2023

The following given state have declare the extension on summer holidays/ vacation. Therefore there is delayed in school reopen 2023 in these state of India.

Uttar Pradesh(UP)

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to extend the summer vacations keeping in view the safety of school children. The state government has extended the holidays till 26 June 2023. Now the schools will open on June 27, 2023. Earlier, the time to reopen the schools was fixed on June 15. This information has been given by issuing an official notification by the Education Department of Uttar Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Indore Collector has written in his issued order that keeping in view the scorching heat in the summer under Indore district, all government/non-government/CBSE/ICSE schools in the district will be closed for the health and safety of the students. .Schools related to all types of boards etc. will not operate for the students before 19.06.23. This order will be immediately effective


In Jharkhand also, an order has been issued to extend the summer vacations. An order in this regard was issued by the Department of School Education and Literacy. Secretary, School Education Department, K.K. In the order issued by Ravi Kumar, it has been said that all government, non-government aided, unaided and private schools in the state will remain closed from June 12 to 14

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