Which is Better Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary Exam

Which is Better Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary Exam other than main exam ? Student has much confusion over these word as they do not have any idea of differences and comparison. If you have also doubt and confusion then this article will help you to clear all your doubt. We will also discuss which one is most better for you among Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary exam.

What is Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary Exam

As per report, the result season has been over. Now candidate are doing analysis that how can increase the grade if he/she not satisfied with marks awarded them.

Which is Better improvement compartment supplementary exam-

Many educational board of India research on the problems of student and prepare a magical plan for offering the re-chance of exam in the form of Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary other than main exam. Board have to publish new criteria / rules just after the result declaration each year.

Difference Between Improvement, Compartment, Supplementary Exam

There is a great confusion not only among student but also among some teachers. Therefore our team decided to publish an article over this topics to avoid confusion among student.

What is Compartment Exam?

Student ask many question on this type of exam such as What is compartment exam, what is eligibility criteria or how and where to apply for compartment exam etc ?.

The answer of above questions is that The compartment exams permit students to giving a chance of re-exam if declared failed without session loss (same year). Student should pass in main subject such as English if ICSE/ISC/CBSE or in Hindi if UP board etc.

How many subject can choose for compartment exam

Each educational board has separate criteria but generally only one subject are permitted by paying certain amount. Some subject has more than one paper then you can choose either single or all paper of that said subject. this compartment exam generally conducted in july.

What is Improvement Exam ?

Student often ask what is the purpose/rule/ meaning / advantage of improvement exam while some of them ask what is the dis-advantage of improvement exam.

The improvement exam is for those student who have declared pass but not satisfied with marks. Therefore many board offer a chance to appear in re-exam with a single subject chosen without session loss. this Improvement exam generally conducted in july. for detail click on Rule Criteria Fee of Improvement exam.

What is Supplementary Exam ?

This is the most magical update which giving chance to re-appear in all subject again as normal (main exam). But there is a session loss. You will be permitted to give exam in following session main exam. Only Pass candidate are allowed to appear in supplementary exam. This exam will held in February/March with main exam of regular student. for more detail about it click on How to apply, fee rules eligibility criteria of supplementary exam.

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