CISCE 2023 Preparation: Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE / ISC Exam

CISCE 2023 Preparation: Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE / ISC Exam. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has declared that the class 10th and 12th ICSE and ISC exams will be held only once a year from 2023.

CISCE 2023 Preparation Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE ISC Exam

CISCE has rolled back from its previous decision over two board exams format annually. Visit at official website for any detail quarry about exam 2023.

CISCE 2023 Preparation: Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE / ISC Exam

The CISCE student who will appearing in 2023 board exam of of ICSE / ISC. There is no sure / shortcut method  to score 95% in the final exam, you need to be thorough and responsible during the preparation phase. You should follow given topics  religiously throughout your preparation.

Internal Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE / ISC Exam

Know Your Revised  Syllabus: Understanding the syllabus is one of the foremost important steps one needs to take while starting the preparation for the exams. This helps you to get a hold on all the topics that may come in the exams. When you analyse the syllabus you will get an understanding of what are the topics you are strong at and which topics require more attention. According, you can divide your time and start studying more efficiently and effectively

Make a  Suitable Study Plan: Along with understanding the syllabus, it is important to study consistently. It means you should study every day for at least 4 hours or more depending on your level of preparation. You can always divide the time span into smaller slots and take breaks in between. But, studying consistently is the key to scoring higher marks. It helps you retain what you have read more prominently

Refer good books: When I say good books I mean less number of textbooks but quality books. No need to refer many books at a time to prepare for the exam. Textbook solutions of ICSE Class-10 and ISC Class-12 is very useful

Prepare Self Written Notes: You can create your handwritten notes to prepare for the sem-2 exam. Aid labelled figure , chart , table in notes and highlight the important point with dark color ink. These effort may be a best turning point for result

More Attention on weaker Subject: Devote your time as per your weaker and stronger subjects, give more time to weaker subjects which require more focus and determination for your ICSE Class 10 semester 2 exam 2022.

Analysis Specimen Paper 2023: Council has released the specimen paper 2023 in his official website. This paper gives you clear idea about not only format / model but also about the level of question standard.

Solve previous years’ question papers: Solving previous year question paper of ISC class-12 and ICSE Class-10 is also a best and confidential way .

External Strategy to get above 90% in ICSE / ISC Exam

Avoid Obstruction :Do not waste your precious time in playing game, Browsing in internet , using phone call and massaging

Strong will Power:  Strong will power decide the result of any matter Therefore you should develop a strong will power in your mind for achieve your target .

Develop Feeling of competition with Classmate- Develop a strong coemption with your classmate for achieving more and more percentage in board exam with promise

Don’t take it as a burden: Your study pattern matters a lot. If you really want to score 95% in the board exam, you must love your books. You shouldn’t treat them as burden. Try to make it interesting – study in an interesting and appealing way


Remember, there is no shortcut to score 95% marks in ICSE/ISC Board exam. It is only possible in film stories / serials. In real life there is one and only one rule “Hard Work is the Key of Success ” Hence you have to study hard ,regularity to score well in any exam


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