MCQ Type Questions ISC Class-12 Semester-1 Session 2021-22

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Type Questions for ISC Class-12 of Semester-1 Session -2021-22. We provide you for your practice in next upcoming exam of council of 2021-22 session of Semester-1 exam preparation for all subject in ISC Board.

The ISC Class 12 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) at include the important objective questions in the Semester-1 reduced syllabus. These questions cover the entire chapter and help students get to the root of each topic and understand each sub-topic thoroughly. On solving these MCQs regularly, students can easily achieve more in the objective question of MCQ type question paper. MCQs also prepare students for other competitive exams as most entrance exams have questions in this format. So, it is important that students get enough MCQ practice.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Type Questions ISC Class-12 Semester-1 Session 2021-22

Board ISC
Class  12th (XII)
Subject Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Question Type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Syllabus  Reduced Syllabus
Session 2021-22
Topic MCQ / Objective Type Question
bifurcated  Pattern Semester-1

ISC Class-12 Semester-1 Session 2021-22 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Type Questions

 MCQ Questions of all subjects for ISC Classes 12 is given for your practice. ISC Board has brought a major modification (bifurcated pattern) in the Exam Pattern and plans to introduce MCQ Questions with Answers in the council Exams. Multiple Choice Questions will have considerable weightage in the Board Exams. Students might feel it unchallenging and feel relaxed as they don’t have to attempt the lengthy descriptive answers. Cracking the MCQs still needs a lot of practice and hard work.  Answering the Objective Type Questions needs a lot of Critical Thinking.

We will help students to prepare effectively with the Subject-wise MCQ . The ISC board combines questions from different topics of the subjects covered in ISC board Textbooks. Thus, in order to score good marks in the exam, be thorough with the textbooks, and practice the list of Objective Questions.

How to Prepare MCQ for ISC Class-12 All Subject (Trick)

  1. Plan a time table of Chapters which you can Complete before 15th October.
  2. Read the whole concept of Chapters included in Semester-1 after reduction Topics,
  3. Prepare a self made Notes Subject-wise and chapter-wise including heading ,Subheading , Labelled Figure, Important reaction / Formula / definition
  4. Practice All Type Question of your textbook including Long, Short, very short, Figure related, Skill Type and MCQ type because every type question can be converted into MCQ type.
  5. After completing chapter concept then try to solve our Chapter-wise/ Subject-wise MCQ for your practice as following time table .
  6. Again prepare revision time table for one month from 15th October to 14th November in descending order (Last paper exam date subject revision from 15th October so that last revision subject should occur at beginning of exam date)
  7. Semester-1 Exam will be held at your home but you can not cheat the council by taking help on any browsing / Guide because the new type question would be create by council thus you can not copy the answer by any illegal means.

List of Subject-wise / Chapter-wise ISC Class-12 MCQs

Practice our MCQs given below which is  Subject-wise / Chapter-wise for ISC Class-12  to prepare your self in Semester-1 exam of council of 2021-22 session.

MCQs of ISC Chemistry Class-12 for Semester-1


1 Solid State
2 Solutions
3 Electrochemistry
6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
7 p -Block Elements
10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

MCQs of ISC Physics Class-12 for Semester-1


MCQs of ISC Maths Class-12 for Semester-1


Unit Name
(Complete Unit)



3.Binary Operations

4.Inverse Trigonometrical Function

(Complete Unit)

6. Matrices  

3 Calculus 7.Continuity, Differentiability and Differentiation.

8 Applications of Derivatives
5 Vectors
(Complete Unit)
21 Vector Algebra
6 Three –
23.Three Dimensional Geometry
8 Application of
(Complete Unit)
26. Application of Calculus in Commerce and  Economics

MCQs of ISC Biology Class-12 for Semester-1 


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